Sunday, April 7, 2013

About Me and This Blog

I had my first beer when I was about twelve.  My Dad offered me a Miller High Life pony can while we were watching TV one night.  It was his way of making sure that he was the one who introduced me to beer rather than having me go out and experiment on my own.  His plan worked.  He quenched any thirst I might have had for the mystery of it by showing me that it was bitter and gassy and that I didn't really care for it.  I couldn't finish the can, and had no interest for many years.

Four years later I was at a party and discovered Bud from a keg.  Still didn't taste so great, but I was able to finish enough servings to have my speech and balance challenged.  Fast forward through high school and college, and numerous keg parties drinking American and Canadian brand adjunct lagers.  By now I was used to the taste.  This is what beer tastes like, right?

Then one night a year after college, out with some friends at a tavern that boasted a giant selection of beers, a friend recommended that I try a Samuel Smith Taddy Porter.  

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I thought the bottle was brown until I emptied it into a glass, and realized that the bottle was clear and the beer was black as night.  I couldn't believe the depth of flavor in that beer.  My eyes and my palate were opened to a whole new world.  From that day on I wanted to try every new beer that I could find, and to this day porter remains one of my favorite styles.

In the 20+ years since that night, I've sampled countless beers.  I look for new brands and styles in stores near my home, and have sampled local beers when travelling domestically, as well as in Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Belgium.

I read everything I can find on beer styles and brewing history, and am very tuned in to the American craft beer (r)evolution.  I have been a regular contributor to Beer Advocate for over ten years, with over 1,000 beer reviews.

I have been an all-grain brewer for several years, and find myself addicted to this hobby like so many others get addicted to golf.  I'm constantly on the hunt for new equipment and techniques to help me improve my game.  I credit the Beer Advocate homebrewing forum and the Brewing Network podcasts for honing my brewing talent.

This blog is a way for me to express my thoughts on the world of beer, mainly for myself, but also for anyone else who cares to take a look.  I'm not in the beer industry, I'm not getting paid, I'm not endorsing anyone or anything.  Just my opinions.  I hope they make you think, and maybe see things a little differently.  You don't have to agree, but feel free to share your opinions.  Beer can be a social lubricant in the cyber world too.


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