Thursday, April 11, 2013

House Rules

What's better than enjoying a game of friendly competition at a pool table or foos ball table with your friends while enjoying a few beers? (Even better if it follows a day on the slopes.) Anyone who's done this a few times knows that often the establishment will have a posting of "House Rules" nearby to let patrons know the establishment's interpretation of the rules of the game. Many times the House Rules are actually the real rules of the game, but many people unfortunately just don't know any better. Likewise, I have my own set of rules that should be posted up in the world of beer, because, unfortunately, many people just don't know any better:
- Guinness is spelled with two n's and two s's. If you can't get it right on your beer menu or tap list, you have zero credibility as a beer-centric establishment. And if you're an Irish pub, you're obviously a themed poser.  On a related note, Newcastle is one word, not two.

- There is no US brewery by the name of Anchor Steam. There is, however, a particular style of beer called steam beer (or California Common), and the flagship of that style is brewed by Anchor Brewing (who also brews many other wonderful styles).

- Beer that is made in Belgium is referred to as Belgian beer, not Belgium beer. Just like beer brewed in Germany is not referred to as Germany beer, and beer brewed in England is not referred to as England beer.

- Beer in the UK is not flat and warm. It's actually more so that beer in the US is over-carbonated and served too cold. If you believe the former, it's possible that you may have stumbled upon a cask beer, which must first be understood before it can be appreciated.

- Do not chill a pint glass or mug before filling it with beer. It numbs the taste buds and introduces moisture that waters down the flavor.

- Drink beer out of a glass, not a bottle.  Mason jars, jam jars, and glass boots don't count.

- Drink out of the appropriate glassware for the beer style.

- Pour beer appropriately out of the bottle - there is a correct way! Beer bars, pour beer appropriately out of the tap. Blowing foam down the drain for five minutes is an unnecessary waste and an insult to the brewer.

- Hard cider is not beer. It doesn't belong in beer bars.

- If you have a beer blog, know what the hell you're talking about.

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